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Redshirts (2012) | John Scalzi

Kirk: All right, men, this is a dangerous mission. And it’s likely one of us will be killed. The landing party will consist of myself, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Ensign Ricky.

Ensign Ricky:
Aw, crap.

Family Guy

What’s better than the hilarity of the Red Shirt trope? A book completely deconstructing the hilarity of the Red Shirt trope.

I decided to listen to Redshirts by John Scalzi on Audible, where it’s narrated by Wil Wheaton, after listening to The Dispatcher by the same author. I enjoyed The Dispatcher, which is a novel written specially for Audible and was free to download as part of some promotion, and at some point or another I’ll likely review it too. Needless to say, I enjoyed The Dispatcher so much that I  decided to take a stab at Redshirts.

I was not disappointed. I remember when this book came out in 2012 when I was still working in bookshops. I always meant to read it, but it just somehow kept on getting pushed further and further down my reading list. I was vaguely familiar with the Red Shirt trope; one doesn’t have to be a fan of Star Trek to know what it’s about. The good thing is, one also doesn’t have to be a fan of Star Trek or the Red Shirt trope to appreciate this rather hilarious novel. Continue reading “Redshirts (2012) | John Scalzi”