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Children of Time (2015) | Adrian Tchaikovsky


Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson was my favourite novel of 2015; Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky is definitely my favourite novel of 2016.

The blurb simply doesn’t do this book justice. Picking it up, I initially thought it would be a book about a generational ship of humans searching for a world to call their own, coming into conflict with a hostile enemy species. Which is not… incorrect, per se. It is a story about the last remnants of humanity struggling to find a home amongst the stars – but from start to finish this novel is hands-down the most original delivery of this plot I’ve ever had the fortune to read. You think you know where the story is headed? Think again.

Without giving away the plot, the story is told by three(-ish) narrators – the humans, a psychotic AI/uploaded human mind, and a sentient, highly intelligent race that has taken up residence on the planet the humans are desperate to make a home on.

Adrian Tchaikovsky establishes himself as a hallmark author of the science fiction genre with this book. Children of Time is an instant classic and a work of brilliance, and I’m keen to read more of Tchaikovsky’s works.

Highly recommended – even for people with arachnophobia.


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