book review

Beacon 23 (2015) | Hugh Howey

beacon 23

Hugh Howey is one of those rare authors who possesses an enviable eloquence to his works.

There’s both a lot and not very much that I can say about Beacon 23. Unlike his Wool trilogy, this book is short. Not short enough to be a novella, but not big enough to be called a novel either. And yet, despite its size, it is an incredibly emotional journey.

Our unnamed protagonist lives in a lighthouse in space – Beacon 23, a station designed to ensure the safe passage of ships. It’s a lonely and thankless job. The beacons are built to be robust. They never break down, they never fail – at least, they’re not supposed to. Both hilarious and devastating, Howey tells a story of a traumatised war hero living in isolation with remarkable tenderness.

Highly recommended. 5/5.


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